Preprinted Cards


  By selecting the most adapted technology for each situation, Identex Solutions is able to supply all kind of cards preprinted, even in full color both side, edge to edge.

In addition, most type of cards are available with different background colors, thicknesses and materials. Signature panels, thermo rewritable films, holograms, ... are some, but few, of the added features we can bring to your cards.

No need to be an expert in graphical design software, a rough drawing or a sketch suffice. Our designer will present you a project that can be modified as you wish until you are completely satisfied with your card layout. This, also, is part of the service Identex Solutions offers you.


Printing can be done by :

  • Color dye sublimation for qty less 500 pcs
  • offset / screen surface printing (with optional protection varnish)
  • offset / screen printing before lamination

The finished Preprinted PVC Card card is printed in high resolution with extreme precision, robust color, fine detail and creates a glossy surface of the card is capable of being customized by printing information on the card by dye sublimation method at point of distribution or embossed after the card is produced. Both sides of the Preprinted PVC Card card are in a glossy finish. We can print up to 4 colors per side of the card and can print on standard PVC, Metallic or even CLEAR PVC stock. 


Standard Blank PVC Cards



Generic, high quality cards, CR-80 credit card size (2-1/8" x 3-3/8"), 30 mil thick (0.030"), white PVC, unprinted, for all printer models.

100% Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Cards - Polished Surface Front and Rear - Ready for use in any brand card printer. Image-grade cards.

Also come with options of hi-co/lo-co magnetic stripe or with adhesive backing. 

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