SmartEye Handheld Smart Card Reader

SmartEYE Handheld device is a smart card application oriented portable device with contact and contactless modules embedded in it (optional also for fingerprint recognition module). 

Its structure is compact and programming is simple. This device is most appropriate to be used in identity authentication relevant applications, such as payment, recognition, access control, where smart card is used as a storage media and security tool.


SmartEYE is a 32-bit portable device based on 32-bit platform with powerful functionality. Its kernel is a 32-bit single chip processor with large capacity FLASH MEMORY and DRAM storage. It has 16 keys, one rotary dialing wheel, one 8-lines LCD screen displaying 16 English characters per line.

There is a standard RS232 communication port and an infrared communication port, of which in addition to the main card socket, one additional SAM card socket can be added into. Furthermore, other functions can be extended through SPI interface (e.g. GPRS/GSM or non-contact card/ fingerprints, etc). 



  • Personal Identification
  • Toll Payment
  • Student Attendance
  • Card Issuance
  • HealthCare
  • Medical Insurance
  • Restaurant Food Management
  • Social Security
  • Parking Management & Payment
  • Ticket Inquiry & Inspection
  • Civilian Identification


  • Processor : 32-bit CPU
  • Display : 132 x 64 dot, EL backlight, 16 x 8 lines characters, one line icons
  • Memory : 2Mbyte Flash Memory (can be extended to 8 MB), 2Mbyte DRAM
  • Keyboard : 16 keys with backlight and one special dialing wheel for conveniences of browsing and quick access
  • Smart card interface :
    • 1 ISO7816 (8 pins full function) contact smart card interface
    • 1 (8 pins full functions) SAM card interface
    • 1 ISO 14443 contactless smart card interface (Optional)
  • Fingerprint module (Optional)
  • Communication interface : 1 standard RS232 interface, 1 infrared interface
  • Batteries systems : 850mAH recharge lithium battery
  • Working environment temperate : -20°C to 50°C
  • Relatively humidity : 45 % RH – 85 % RH
  • Power : average < 0.5W, max < 3.5W
  • Appearance size : 155 x 60 x 30 mm
  • Net weight : 300g
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