Mifare® SmartCards

Contactless devices are much more suitable for card transactions that are more speed critical, such as physical access control and transport ticketing schemes. The Mifare® card developed by Philips semiconductors constitutes 85% of all contactless card schemes world-wide represented by an installed base of 200 million cards; it has become a factor standard.

The Mifare® standard is an example of an open architecture platform and by use of the Mifare® Application Directory (MAD) several different and completely independent applications can be used on the same card. Security is handled with challenge and response authentication techniques, data ciphering and message authentication checks. User definable key sets and access conditions securely separate each application. Read write units are based around Philips’ patented chipset providing a very high security level three pass authentication and encryption.Serial numbers which can not be altered guarantee uniqueness of cards. The standard Mifare® card contains an 8Kbit EEPROM (1Kbyte) made up of 16 sectors.Each sector contains 4 blocks of 16 bytes. The first sector ( 0 ) contains the manufacturer’s information and the Mifare® Application Directory (MAD). Each sector trailer holds the access conditions and the keys for that sector.

Customer Benefits

  • Mifare® is the industry standard for contactless smart card     transactions.
  • Largest installed base (> 1,000,000 readers; > 200 million card ICs sold; > 6 billion transaction to date).
  • Fully compatible to ISO 14443A, the international standard for contactless smart cards.
  • Consistent product portfolio and multiple sourcing on all levels of the value chain. 
  • Future-proof evolution path and road map – standard interface ensures that the infrastructure installed today can easily be upgraded for future card ICs

Other features of Mifare® 

Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz

High Speed: Baudrate 106k Baud 

Anticollision Very fast transaction times ensure that more than one card in the reader field can be handled without errors. 

Operating Distance: Up to 100mm (depending on antenna geometry) Half duplex communication protocol with handshake. 

Data integrity via contactless communication link by:

  • Anticollision  
  • 16Bit CRC per block 
  • 16 Bit Parity per block 
  • Bit count checking 
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