NB 8/16/32 a Nebula Platform SmartCards

The NB 8/16/32 is a multi-application smart card operating system with the power and resources to hold many applications on a single card. The NB8/16/32 offers full support for multiple applications including application life cycle support, I/O interface, file mangement and security.


File System

  • Compact design of file system structure, for size and access speed
  • Efficient command set to manage the file system
  • Compliance with ISO 7816 Part 1 to Part 4 and Part 9
  • Dynamic memory management
  • Strict access control on files (Read/Write/Update/ Create/Delete) Loyalty or E-Purse command sets 

Security Measures

  • Initialisation Key ensures only authorised party can load initialisation into the card
  • Multiple Key & PIN Management System – Up to 8 Keys per DF with full create/delete/activate/deactivate functions
  • Data recovery protection on power failure during update of files
  • CRC protection on important files
  • Internal/External authentication with Triple-Des
  • Random Number Generator

Card Interface

  • Protocols compliance with ISO 7816-3, T=0
  • User command set compliance with ISO 7816-4 and 7816-9
  • Administrative command set compliments all possible functions
  • Security check on each command to prevent intrusion to OS
  • Simplified procedures for Initialisation and Personalisation

Flexibility and Ability

  • Portable to any chip platform
  • Modular design for scalability configurations or maximum EEPROM space
  • Customisable on applications and command set
  • Tools and application development support
  • Fast to market
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