Contact Smart Card Reader

  • Complies with PC/SC Version 1.0 standard and officially approved by Microsoft.
  • Supports Plug and Play, easy to install
  • Auto installation setup program with driver, API Library , demo program and demo source code are provided 
  • Suitable for applications in security control, loyalty program, EDI, kiosk, PKI and eCommerce..etc
  • OS Support : Windows, Linux, DOS, MAC OS
  • International Certificate: UL, CNS, FCC, CE, EMV L1


The versatile reader is available in both USB and Serial interface, which can be easily integrated into PC environment as well as other systems in a snap. It is ideal for a broad range of applications, including public transport terminal, physical and logical access control, and even vending machines. 

The operation of ACR120 is extremely easy, quick and convenient. All read/write operations can be done via waving the contactless card to the device. Moreover, its compact design enables it to be mounted and located in anywhere with ease. 

In addition, the ACR120 is also available in module form, which is extremely easy to design-in giving you maximum design and development flexibility. Own casing, logo, color, size can all now be materialized. 


Dimensions: 85 mm(L) X 72mm(W) x 17mm(H)


  • EZ100PR: approx. 145g
  • EZ100PU: approx. 120g

Power Consumption:

  • EZ100PR: Powered by keyboard interface, 5V +/- 5%, 100mA Max including card power
  • EZ100PU: Powered by USB hub, 5V +/- 5%, 60mA

Card Acceptor / Durability: Friction type with over 200,000 insertion cycles

Connecting Interface:

  • EZ100PR: Y-type cable with female D-SUB 9 pin connector and combined with a Y-type Mini-DIN 6 cable for power
  • EZ100PU: A type USB male 4 pin connector, compliant to USB2.0 (full speed)

Card Interface:

  • CPU card: Comply with ISO7816-1,2,3 T=1 and T=0 protocol
  • Memory card: Synchronous 2-line, 3-line and I2C Interface

OS Support:

  • EZ100PR/NR-Win 95/98/ME/2000/NT4.0/XP/CE3.0, Linux; DOS (for NR only)
  • EZ100PU/NU-Win 98/ME/2000/XP/CE3.0; Linux, MAC OS

API Support: PC/SC compliant, Proprietary API, CT-API


  • Operating Temperature:  0~50¢ X C
  • Storage Temperature: -35~70¢ X C
  • Operating Humidity: 20%~90%
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